Social Networking and Companies of Tomorrow – the Talking Logistics interview

I was recently interviewed by Adrian Gonzales, President of Adelante SCM, in his weekly video talk show called “Talking Logistics“. Adrian invited me to come to his talk show and answer a few questions about Social Media and how it plays a role in what I termed as “Companies of Tomorrow”.

If you’re interested in this broad topic, you can watch the interview by clicking in this link.

Adrian asked me several very good questions in topics that I’ve written about in this blog, which allowed me to clarify many of the ideas I have been promoting. Here are the questions Adrian asked me in this interview:

–   What do you mean by “Companies of Tomorrow”? What are the attributes of a Company of Tomorrow versus a Company of Yesterday?

– Can you walk us through what managing in NOW mode means and how it differs from the classical S&OP? And how exactly does social networking enable managing in NOW mode?

– Can you give us the “elevator pitch” about what the HIVE model is?

– What are the challenges a “Company of Yesterday” faces in transforming into a Company of Tomorrow? How do they get started?

– What advice would you offer to students interested in pursuing a career in supply chain and logistics, or young professionals just getting started?



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