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Linear Business Processes don’t work!… And there’s a better way…

They don’t work because people don’t work according to linear, sequential processes. They can’t. From the early 90’s on, the business world went business-process. The entire SAP industry is based on the idea that work has to be organized according to business processes. Companies that are considered well structured are (supposed to be) “process oriented”. […]

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7 strategies to deal with competitor backorders in Canadian Generics

The Generic Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic industries I’ve ever experienced – at least in Canada. In this industry, something significant happens every year¬†that changes patterns of demand in the market and challenges supply chains. But sometime in 2009, things began changing in a way that’s been building up since and is […]

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Social Media made practical for business

The use of Social Media in the workplace is still not prevalent at the core of operations. It is a simple, well know form of communication and yet its use in the workplace confounds many¬†Executives. I’ve written quite a bit about the difficulties that traditional Enterprises (and most Enterprises are “traditional”) face in deploying the […]

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Upside Down Escalation – how it’s done in Companies of Tomorrow

A few months ago, I wrote an article entitled “The Post S&OP era – Managing in NOW mode” which generated quite a bit of interest. A few comments were left on my Blog at that time, one of which stated the following: “Several elements need to be in place within an organization and culture to […]

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Social Operations – yes, you can!

In a space with so many terms already I am going to dare to introduce a new one: Social Operations – at least for the duration of this post. It’s a term I am going to use simply to anchor an important point upon.   The current state of things If you go to Google […]

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Why is “Social” stuck at the periphery of the Enterprise

In a number of articles that I read recently, particularly a brilliant study by the MIT Sloan School of Management and Delloitt, I observed consistent evidence that the most ubiquitous use of Social Media in the enterprise is in customer-facing activities – Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. As my friend Mark Schaefer wrote, there is […]

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From Functional to Social – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I talked about the structuring of the workplace into communities called HIVE’s and the development of “HIVE Habits”. As explained at the onset of that article, there are 4 basic steps or phases to go through in the development of the social workplace, as I see it. Those […]

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From Functional to Social, from meetings to online conversations – Part 1 of 2

In previous articles, I described a model called HIVE (Human Interaction Virtual Environment) whereby organizations can arrange the workplace to function in NOW Mode, using virtual spaces for communications amongst employees (through a social networking platform such as Yammer, Jive or Moxiesoft). The HIVE Model and the idea of NOW Mode have raised a number […]

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Social Networking and Companies of Tomorrow – the Talking Logistics interview

I was recently interviewed by Adrian Gonzales, President of Adelante SCM, in his weekly video talk show called “Talking Logistics“. Adrian invited me to come to his talk show and answer a few questions about Social Media and how it plays a role in what I termed as “Companies of Tomorrow”. If you’re interested in […]

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Generic Pharma – ripe for disruption!

I’m going to describe something I’d love to do but for which I don’t have the means. Then, I am going to send this post to people I know have the means. Let’s see what happens. I’ve spent the last 10 years working in Generic Pharma in Canada, with some involvement in the US and […]

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