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Social Networks in the Enterprise – why is it so hard?…

The % of companies that report success implementing social media in Operations – i.e., at the core of the Enterprise – was the same in 2014 as in 2011 – about 30%. Why? Facebook is probably the information technology with the fastest and broadest penetration in our society – ever! It reached 50M people in […]

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Comparing Functional Organizations with Social Organizations

In recent weeks we published a few articles (see here and here) promoting a new metaphor (the HIVE Model) that attempts to provide some clarity and structure to how organizations can arrange the workplace so that business processing leverages the power of communities working in NOW Mode. The core construct of the HIVE model is […]

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A workplace in NOW mode – the HIVE model

In the past year, there have been two themes I wrote and spoke about that have generated a great deal of interest: one is the concept of “NOW Mode”; and the other is the use of social tools in business. As I wrote previously, these two elements go hand in hand. Working in NOW Mode […]

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