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From Functional to Social – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I talked about the structuring of the workplace into communities called HIVE’s and the development of “HIVE Habits”. As explained at the onset of that article, there are 4 basic steps or phases to go through in the development of the social workplace, as I see it. Those […]

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Comparing Functional Organizations with Social Organizations

In recent weeks we published a few articles (see here and here) promoting a new metaphor (the HIVE Model) that attempts to provide some clarity and structure to how organizations can arrange the workplace so that business processing leverages the power of communities working in NOW Mode. The core construct of the HIVE model is […]

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Virtual Supply Chains – fast, connected, collaborative

A year ago, I was interviewed by Professor Peter Carr¬†from the University of Waterloo, on the subject of ¬†social media and its impact on Supply Chains. Prof. Carr was kind enough to ask me wonderful questions and to give me the time and space to speak on some of my favorite subjects. Given the interest […]

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