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Companies of tomorrow: cloud-based, mobile, social, analytical and Millenial

You can’t look at the future from the standpoint of the present. Friends of mine asked me to attend a strategic planning session where they were discussing ideas to improve who they were and how they could wow their customers. This is what I told them: you are here, now, you see yourselves in this […]

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Virtual Supply Chains – fast, connected, collaborative

A year ago, I was interviewed by Professor Peter Carr¬†from the University of Waterloo, on the subject of ¬†social media and its impact on Supply Chains. Prof. Carr was kind enough to ask me wonderful questions and to give me the time and space to speak on some of my favorite subjects. Given the interest […]

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The challenge of social tools in ‘old’ industries

At a recent Webinar hosted by the Enterprise 2.0 conference, I talked about my experience applying social tools in a pharmaceutical, manufacturing environment (that of Teva Canada). A number of questions were asked about the challenges these tools face with the ‘incumbent’ culture. The pharmaceutical industry is known for its conservative environment and bringing to […]

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