Tony Martins


Over 40 years of innovation in Enterprise; his entire career working in Transformation projects, across 12 industries; an innovator in the application of technologies to business performance; 3 decades where medium and large Enterprises undertook transformative projects based entirely on his ideas and methods.

He has accompanied all technological waves, in particular the digital era of the past 20 years. A visionary and a futurist who often sees farther than his peers the implications of accelerated, exponential change, he has recently produced architectures for the Digital Ecosystem of the virtual work environment; specific Agile structures and methods for the Pharmaceutical industry; and templates for the Digital Enterprise. He is as involved in transforming business operations through radical simplification techniques as he is in devising strategies for fast Digitization of mature companies.

He is a thought leader that believes that the hierarchical, patronizing boss-to-employee relationships of the 20th century are a massive obstacle to the human potential for speed, efficiency, productivity and especially the capacity of the human spirit for creativity. He believes that many people together can solve more problems and surface many more great ideas than a few select individuals of authority. And he believes that collective accountability and the spontaneous collaboration of Hives of talented individuals, operating in a digital ecosystem, are the only successful path to achieve the level of operating performance required to not only compete but outright survive in today’s hyper speed digital business.


  1. Tony,
    Sorry if you received this twice. Id like to interview you for a Q&A in Advisen (the insurance publisher and data organization’s) for a piece we hope to publish as part of our January Cyber Risk Network. If you are interested would you email me?


  2. Hi Tony:

    Please contact Christian Akyempon at Intellipharmaceutics Corp.



    Christian Akyempon
    Vice President, Commercial Operations
    Intellipharmaceutics Corp.
    Tel #: (416) 798-3001 Ext. 123
    Cell #: (416) 909-3231


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