We learned through Quantum Mechanics that the laws of physics in the macroscopic world don’t apply to the world of subatomic particles. In the Quantum world, things aren’t, they “probably are”. Hence, a quantum switch can be on, or off, or on and off at the same time. Different physics open up infinite new possibilities for innovation. A different Universe within our own where things don’t work the same way.

It occurred to me that when we move processes and activities from the ‘brick and mortar’ world to cyberspace (the space of the Internet), some laws of physics don’t apply. E.g., outside, you can’t be in two places at the same time; in Cyberspace you can be in many places at the same time. People from different locations can all be in the same cyber place at the same time. In Cyberspace, there is no physical notion of distance or size. Whether you have 100 Friends or 1,000 Friends on Facebook, you don’t feel the difference in scale. A computer with a little data and one with terabytes of data, seen from outside, look the same; one doesn’t look skinny and the other fat. It’s a different Universe.

There is an immense array of advantages to Supply Chains when we move processes from the world of face to face meetings, teleconferences, factories, warehouses and head offices, to Cyberspace, using Social tools. People can work on many issues at the same time; people can be in many ‘meeting rooms’ at the same time and they can remain in those ‘rooms’ as long as they want. If a problem occurs in San Francisco, people of many skills in Montreal, New York, London and Tel-Aviv can all ‘see’ and react to that issue at the same time or at different times, come in and out of the issue whenever they can and the problem gets resolved in the quickest possible way without being hindered by geography, time zone, calendars or physical limitations.

It’s a completely different paradigm. It is one of incredible speed, flexibility and responsiveness. It’s a world without silos or ghettos and where Customers and Providers can collaborate intimately without borders. It’s the world of the Cyber Supply Chain.


  1. excellent thought, i had something similar but u conceptualized well……do you have any thoughts on how to manage the drugs nearing the expiry/inactive date.can any which way the network work??


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