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Virtual Supply Chains – fast, connected, collaborative

A year ago, I was interviewed by Professor Peter Carr¬†from the University of Waterloo, on the subject of ¬†social media and its impact on Supply Chains. Prof. Carr was kind enough to ask me wonderful questions and to give me the time and space to speak on some of my favorite subjects. Given the interest […]

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The end of meetings – a workplace in NOW mode

Can I speak with John? Well, he’s in a meeting and has meetings all day. When can I meet him? Well, let’s see, his calendar is booked for several days… How about next week? We still don’t know if we can use that raw material in manufacturing. When is this going to be resolved? Well, […]

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The “post-S&OP era” – Managing in NOW mode

Here’s a typical process I have seen in many companies – still, in 2013! [since I work primarily in the Pharmaceutical industry, these are Pharmaceutical manufacturers] – At the beginning of the month, Forecasts are refreshed – Then, an MRP process ripples through and a supply plan comes out (planned orders, process orders, purchase orders, […]

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