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Processes and Social Networking in the Enterprise – are they complimentary?

I wrote elsewhere that the hierarchical structures of the industrial-age command and control organizations is outdated and we should replace it with networks of multi-disciplinary cells of individuals functioning as dynamic ‘swarms’, spontaneously combining their skills to respond to the challenges of work life. I also wrote that organizations should be process driven, i.e., have […]

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The beauty of Process-Driven Organizations

Have you ever been in a meeting with 2 dozen people for 2 hours and noticed that, throughout the meeting, 4 or 5 people talked and everybody else was quiet? In large meetings, this is actually the norm: 20% of people are active and the rest are passive. And have you experienced meetings with lots […]

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The Power of Spontaneous Associaton in the workplace

Many of us come across this challenge: take a traditional command and control, vertically integrated organization and make it nimble and fast. It may be that you manage an operation; or that you’re involved in an ERP project; or maybe you’re just part of some continuous improvement initiative. If you’ve faced that kind of challenge, […]

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