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How does a network become a network?

A successful Manufacturer buys many plants and goes global. Many plants make many products; a global company distributes its products to many markets. The most tempting form of synergy is to bring the products of many plants to multiple markets; and to eliminate redundancies between plants. This thinking leads to the idea of centers of […]

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Can we put an end to chronic drug shortages

Today I picked up yet another article about the crisis of drug shortages in the U.S., this one by The New Your Times on Many of the usual causes alleged by other articles are mentioned here: industry consolidation, quality challenges, price issues, etc. Ok, we know all this and it’s getting old… What are […]

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The challenge of social tools in ‘old’ industries

At a recent Webinar hosted by the Enterprise 2.0 conference, I talked about my experience applying social tools in a pharmaceutical, manufacturing environment (that of Teva Canada). A number of questions were asked about the challenges these tools face with the ‘incumbent’ culture. The pharmaceutical industry is known for its conservative environment and bringing to […]

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